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Six-Packs, Weight Loss & Cycling

I’ve recently had a friend ask me a tough question:

“Hey Jake I need to lose a little weight and I want to see my abs by the time I go back to Spain in the summer, will you help me and how do I do this?”

This normally wouldn’t be difficult, my response is come see me and lets start the work together. Unfortunately he lives in France and has a commitment to cycle London to Paris for a charity event he his holding and is unable to get to a gym at this time.

This has presented an opportunity to show people that getting to your goals is always possible even under unusual and difficult circumstances.

So what’s some of the problems?

Surely if my friend is riding for hours and hours getting ready for this great event he will have no problem losing the weight right?

Well this is very true, but as I’ve often said before:

Weight loss, fat loss, and muscle loss are all very different things, not to the weighing scales in your bathroom, but to your six-pack goals most definitely.

So this article will be ongoing as we keep up with my friend’s progress, and if you want to try something different as you’re not yet ready to enter the gym world then join along, this will work great for men and women just the same.

There will be 3 approaches:

  1. Will be body weight exercises (vastly underused but chat to a couple of friends of mine in the marines and they’ll easily change your mind)
  1. My friend has to include the cycling training for obvious reasons (no bad thing, cycling is one of the best cardio exercises you can do) both in Heart health and fat loss and unlike running much less impact on the joints and body in general.
  1. Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

One of the big fat loss misconceptions out there is that you have to do hours a day of cardio to lose fat. Yes cardio is very important but without strength training and good nutrition you’re well on your way to being “Skinny Fat”

So how to mix the 3 approaches:

  1. In the mornings we will deal with strength and fat burning
  1. My clients cycling will be primarily focused on improving endurance for his event (some fat burning will occur) but we want to minimize any muscle loss by feeding properly through the rides. I won’t have my friend cycle for hours without food, that will do damage not good.
  1. Nutrition

For the goal my friends setting himself nutritional timing will make a huge difference!

So here is the 1st weeks goal starting Monday 5th

Remember these are goals not laws so I can see what is possible for my friend. Until then I will set the goal high.

Rules of training

  1. Burning in the muscles while exercising is good it means you’re working hard
  2. Do 5 reps with great form than 100 reps badly; you will see much better results and far fewer injuries.
  3. Pain is bad and stop immediately, do not push through pain its your body telling you something’s injured or about to break

Sounds simple but there’s a big difference between rule 1 and 3. I see some people in the gym with their trainers screaming “no pain no gain” doing some horrible back breaking maneuver and the next time you see them the clients walking around like the hunch back of Notre dame.


Week 1

Upon waking (cup of black coffee allowed and very helpful!)

Circuit for 20 mins building 2 mins each morning Monday to Saturday take 60-second breaks as needed and keep sipping water for hydration.

Squats                       Push Ups                   Plank              Jump rope

8-12                            2-6                              30 secs          30 secs


With the squats and push-ups the timing is very slow

On the lowering portion you will go down over 4 seconds you will pause at the bottom for 1 second then you will rise over 4 seconds.

If you are planning on trying this please look up video on the proper form for these moves. If you would like to discuss with me feel free to drop me an email. Either way please don’t guess!!! If you really want to make a difference to all your hard work do a little research and get it right from the start.


After this circuit Breakfast

The body needs Protein Carbs and Fats to work properly. A good example would be eggs, turkey bacon and blackberries.

A general guide to eating:

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats (fish, chicken and turkey) throughout the day, a small amount of nuts is also great, oats are also good.
  1. Try to avoid processed or packaged foods
  1. Sweet things and sugars aren’t bad just try to earn them. Have them after a big ride or swim or run or weight lifting.
  1. Be a warrior in the week, eat as healthy as you can.
  1. Choose a cheat day. This doesn’t mean start with a pizza at breakfast and don’t stop eating till you crawl in to bed. But allow yourself some of the things you’ve been craving in the week you’ve earned it.


Good luck and remember you have given yourself a good amount of time to reach your goals so take it easy.


author: jakedavis