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When selecting a personal trainer to help you define and achieve your goals, it is a good idea to read personal trainer reviews to ensure you make the right decision. Read what others have to say about their experience with Jake Davis of Personal Trainer Hollywood California.



Matt Kendrick MK HealthHub

Jake began his training with MK initially as a client in 2007.

It was during this period that both myself and my coaching team noticed that Jake had developed a rare passion to learn every aspect of Health, Fitness and Wellbeing that he could.

Combining this passion with an unrivaled determination to succeed saw Jake become one of our greatest Transformation success stories before being invited personally by myself to Intern with us here at MK.

I have been fortunate enough to study and work with coaches and Athletes at the very highest level and I was only too happy to pass this knowledge onto Jake, who became my brightest student and finest trainer with a genuine desire to help every client succeed.

I highly recommend him and his methods, LA is lucky to have him!

Matt Kendrick
Owner/Founder MK HealthHub


kathryanI owe Jake a lot! He was a brilliant trainer never gave up on me, so motivational and I got the results I wanted. And now my lifestyle has changed. He showed me that exercise was fun and very addictive!! Not a chore which is how I saw it before until and started with Jake.I now enjoy exercising every day, even if it’s a quick 10 min quick fit routine which makes is so easy. Would highly recommended – What are you waiting for? Go go go!!!!

Kathryn Grantham


haley-croppedJake has had most things thrown at him during his lifetime, and he has battled through them to turn himself around, and has come out happier, healthier and fitter. He knows more than anyone how much your physical health and fitness can impact positively on all areas of your life. But he didn’t do it all on his own – he had some amazing support from the people at MK Health (his England trainers), and so he knows how invaluable that support can be – someone to nudge you when you feel like quitting, someone to guide you through the crazy world of food choices, and someone to make you laugh when you’re not feeling your best.Jake will be all those things for you and more … Jake has always inspired me and motivated me to be my best. Why not let him do the same for you?

 Hannah Bailey



George-croppedJake is one of the most positive, inspirational people I know. The sort of person who makes you think “Yeah, I can do this!” His own experiences in overcoming challenges and changing his life for the better, give him a great insight into how to encourage other people.Thanks to Jake, I have pushed myself way beyond what I would have thought possible a few years ago.Not only does he understand how to help improve people’s fitness, he also provides great advice on changing your diet and lifestyle to achieve the best results. Highly recommended.



natalieBefore I met Jake I didn’t enjoy exercise – I thought it was a necessary chore. I’d make any excuse under the sun to get out of it. Training with Jake was the best decision I could’ve made as he not only completely overhauled my diet with realistic changes that are easy to stick to, but he helped me discover that keeping fit is fun!I actually look forward to training and that’s something I never thought I’d be able to say.


Natalie Verney

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