About Jake Davis


IMG_2027By the age of 18, I was very overweight, smoking, drinking, and ultimately miserable. Like so many people reading this, I had tried every diet that came along—sometimes succeeding for a few weeks, other times just a few hours. I truly believed that if only I could enjoy running, had better genes, or maintained a stronger willpower that I’d be fit, toned, and happy.

Sadly, there is a wealth of misunderstanding regarding fitness, nutrition, and health. This is why countless people end up unhappy, unhealthy, and unable to achieve their goals.

Luckily for me I was introduced to Matt Kendrick, a top trainer in England who was from my hometown. He helped me to see all of the nonsense that advertising, media, and magazines try to sell us. He showed me simple and fun ways to start achieving what most of us want: fit and healthy bodies. He helped me achieve the weight loss and attain the fit body I had always dreamed of. What I was not aware of back then is the amazing joy that comes from being really healthy and feeling in control of my physical body.

As a result of the priceless education I learned from Matt, as well as the valuable lessons from personally leading a healthy and happy life, I have discovered my purpose and passion for life: helping others feel their best. I’ve had the chance to train under some of the best trainers from both England and Los Angeles, as well as earn diplomas and certifications from the National Personal Training Institute and National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am currently a certified Nutritional Consultant.

Now I have the pleasure of helping other people achieve their own goals—whatever that might be—from losing weight, gaining muscle, completing a triathlon, or just wanting to kickbox the stress of the day away.

I find that the most important part is not just about the time we spend together at the gym or hiking up Runyon Canyon, but it’s the support I provide to help clients bring about a positive lifestyle change to achieve their goals. Whether that means keeping clients up-to-date on the latest news and relevant information, or simply answering a text from them when they’ve got a question at the supermarket, I am here to help in whatever way I can.

Some clients I meet are already well on their way to good fitness and nutrition, but may be looking for specific help in a certain area. These people are very few and far between. Most clients find themselves in a similar situation I described at the start of my fitness journey. Oftentimes, they want to make the best choices for themselves but do not know what the right choice is.

Low carb or high carb? Low fat or high fat? Hotdogs only on a Thursday? The list seems impossible as some health guidelines will demand you only do cardio and high carbs while others that tell you bread will kill you within a week!

To make you feel at ease there are several ways to achieve your goals. The important part is for us to work together to find out what works for you and your body, and it should be done in a way so that you are enjoying the process. That doesn’t mean it will be easy but when you start seeing great results and enjoying what you are doing, you won’t want to quit. In fact, you will want to get better and better!

The hardest part is making the 1st step. If you would like to contact me, feel free to phone anytime or you can fill in the form and let me know what your goals are.






I promise there is no better feeling than achieving your goals, so get moving.



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