• Why Do I Keep Failing

    WHY DO I KEEP FAILING? Most people reading this are asking the age-old question: Why do I seem to be FOREVER STARTING AGAIN with my diet and exercise programs? I probably come from the same cloth as most of you reading t...
  • 1000 REP Circuit Challenge

      10 Exercises 10 Sets 10 Reps If you feel like doing something a little crazy set yourself this challenge. This is not for beginners this is for people who either: a) Have a trainer who can take you through this, w...
  • Building Up Muscle

    I can’t gain muscle? I’ve done a lot of articles on weight loss recently, probably because the majority of people I talk to want to ask questions about weight loss. But there are many out there in the shame shadows who c...
  • Weight Lifting Benefits for Women

    The picture on the left is the No1 fear that female clients have for lifting weights. Sadly this myth is so powerful and ingrained that millions of women are slogging their hearts out on a treadmill somewhere, hating exe...
  • Finding Time to Exercise

    I don’t have time to exercise!! This statement is the No 1 reason people give for not going for their workout. For some people it’s just that an excuse, finding 30 – 60 minutes a few times a week is not that hard if you...
  • Why Has My Weight Loss Stopped?

    So January 1st came and you decided it’s time to go full steam at getting yourself into shape but now the month is drawing to a close and the question is why has my weight loss stopped? There are many possible reasons bu...