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Weight Lifting Benefits for Women

The picture on the left is the No1 fear that female clients have for lifting weights.

Sadly this myth is so powerful and ingrained that millions of women are slogging their hearts out on a treadmill somewhere, hating exercise or doing none at all over a tremendous fear that if they even touch a weight they can only have a career as the incredible hulks stunt double.

I’m not making fun, weightlifting guys have the exact opposite but just as powerful fear that if they do even a minutes worth of cardio or heaven forbid they lift more than 12 reps they turn into Mr. Bean and lose every drop of muscle in a day.

There are simple facts I would like to pass on to help. If you want your body to be an extreme anything, you will have to do extreme things to get there. Sounds simple right?

Yes it is, but it doesn’t stop these myths about exercise taking people down dark and scary alleyways that produce bad or no results and makes them feel there must be something wrong with them, well there isn’t! It’s about working smarter not harder.

Lady’s IF you wanted to look like the picture on the left it is possible, and yes you would lift weights and that therein lies the mythical fear. Because there ARE women who look like that in the world (mainly Venice beach) and all of them lift weights so women believe that’s what they will look like if they lift weights. But lifting weights is the smallest part of the why the lady on the left looks like that. The lady on the left doesn’t look like that because of lifting a few weights; it’s because of HUGE amounts of food and for the most part, HUGE amounts of drugs are needed!

Please know I’m not judging this lady at all; I don’t mind what shape you want to be in it’s your body.

But here’s the FACT:

The lady on the left will have put massive amounts of sacrifice, hard work, training, extremely strict, demanding food programs that would make most of us cry ourselves to sleep at night and of course, a very expensive drug regime. Put all this together over years and years of work and that’s how she achieved that huge physical form. It might not look good to some and I understand that completely, but she wanted that look and dedicated herself to a degree that is almost impossible to achieve. Put simply it takes so much to get to that picture on the left even if you wanted to look like that you probably couldn’t get there!

The important part is getting to the true fact and reality, which is that hard work, cardio, healthy eating and very importantly WEIGHT LIFTING all put together will see you look like the lady in the picture on the right not the lady on the left.

So why trust me, why risk weight lifting?

Well you don’t have too, not only are there massive amounts of scientific studies that show this to be true, please speak to any knowledgeable trainer who’s extensively studied the subject and worked with female clients and weight lifting (please avoid trainers who are out of work actors with no qualifications) and they will confirm my story.

But to give you peace of mind and help you see there is no risk, here’s a way of looking at things that can calm your fears down completely.

FACT: The body cannot change dramatically overnight all of us know this to be true.

No matter how hard you workout that day it is impossible to wake up the next day and your arms have doubled in size. If I had the power to do that for clients I’d be being paid a million dollars a week from guys all over the world but I don’t, no one does.

So if it’s impossible for your body to change over night, then there is no fear in giving weights a try. Watch as your body slowly forms into a leaner, healthier, toned new you. As soon as you get to a size and shape you’re happy with then you go into the maintenance phase of training to keep the results you’ve earned. With the right knowledge it is that simple. Let me be clear, simple yes, easy no. It takes hard work and consistency, but the feeling you get as you start reaching your goals is unbeatable! Exercise and eating will no longer be an effort but is an enjoyable experience.

Here are some added benefits for women to lift weights:

  1. You look head turning amazing!
  1. You feel fit, strong and healthy
  1. You will achieve far better and faster fat loss results than cardio alone
  1. You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight so no more dieting
  1. You do not need to run mindlessly on a treadmill for 3 hours a day
  1. You will strengthen your bones
  1. You will strengthen your immune system
  1. You will now be able to get those boxes down from the shelf without asking your boyfriend/husband/partners help thus saving you that role of the eyes and “ are you really that weak” comment.


Answer yourself this question.

Is what you’re doing now getting the results you want from your body or fitness goals?

If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to start thinking of trying something new?

If the answer is yes and you’re in perfect shape then why are you reading this you could be relaxing with a new episode of modern family?

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author: jakedavis