How The 1st Session Works


My usual sessions are one hour. However on our first time together be prepared to be with me for 90 minutes.

The first session is free of charge, as I want the two of us to spend sometime together going through your goals and a little history about yourself. It will also let me talk about how I work and how I’ll help you get the body or fitness levels you’re looking for

I will then take you through a few physical tests:

  1. Don’t worry you can’t fail, this is just to see where you are fitness wise and if you have any injuries or imbalances we need to work on. This allows me to design a program based on your fitness levels and your goals. Safety and training intelligently is of upmost importance to me.
  2. I would like to see how we work together so you are comfortable an excited to get going

Only if I know and you feel I can help and make a difference to your life should we then look at the next stage of working together.

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