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1000 REP Circuit Challenge


10 Exercises 10 Sets 10 Reps

If you feel like doing something a little crazy set yourself this challenge. This is not for beginners this is for people who either:
a) Have a trainer who can take you through this, who knows your body well
b) You are fit and healthy and have been working out for sometime and know your body’s limits.

All the exercises are based around a bench with dumbbells so no need to take over a whole gym to do this!

1st off give yourself a really good warm up

Now go through the 10 exercises once slowly to get your weight choice right. The 10 reps should be easy to complete the first time.

To give you an example my incline bench press for 10 reps is normally 80-pound dumb bells.
For this Circuit I will use 50-pound dumb bells, which feels very easy the first time through but trust me by set 10 this becomes almost impossible.


Once you’ve set everything up give yourself a good 5 to 8 minute rest, drink water turn up the music and focus the mind.

Once you start, apart from for water breaks you don’t stop. Unless you feel dizzy or there’s a sharp pain then you stop, safety first please.

Number one rule!!!

This is not a race, don’t throw form out the window, you still do controlled reps protect your body especially as you get tired. If you throw away form for speed you will easily pull or injure something.


Go from Set 1 to 10 all the way through then repeat the sequence 10 times


1. Incline dumbbell bench press

2. 2 handed dumbbell bent over rows

3. Dumb bell Reverse lunges

4. Push ups

5. Goblet squats

6. Dumb bell pull over’s

7. Dumb bell Step ups

8. Planks with alternating legs 5 right leg 5 left leg

9. Dumb bell Side step ups

10. Simple Burpees (no push involved)


If you have any questions on these exercises give me a shout and Id be happy to answer.

author: jakedavis